About GeniePage:
With GeniePage, people can reach you any time, anywhere - WITHOUT giving up your privacy, and without a pager. GeniePaging is a unified system that lets you send and receive short messages by telephone, email, and text messaging.

Genie Paging uniquely combines traditional telephony, Internet web browsing, Internet electronic mail, and cellular SMS (Short Messaging Services), to easily send or reply to messages through any and all of these systems - simultaneously.

Here's how it works:
With GeniePage, you get your own individual, toll-free Genie Number good anywhere in the United States and Canada. No complicated codes for people to remember when they need to reach you.

When someone wants to reach you, they can just call your toll free Genie Number, or they can go to www.GeniePage.com and enter your Genie Number, their name, phone number, email address and a short message. Genie will call you at the number you gave her, plus send you a text message and email to give you the information they sent you.

You tell Genie where to contact you when someone wants to send you a message. It could be your cell, home phone, via email… You can choose one, two or all three – whatever you need. And, you can change where your messages go whenever you want, as often as you want.

If you want, Genie can even call you with the page. When Genie calls, you can return the page right then and there with the push of a button. Genie will connect you to the number your caller gave her, whether they used the web or the phone to page you. Best of all, your private number and location remain secure. Genie will only display your Genie Number as the caller ID.

Why GeniePage?

It’s Fast
- Your callers can reach you by phone or the Internet - whichever is closer at hand.

It’s Easy
- No special codes to remember - just an ordinary telephone number.

It’s Inexpensive
- As little as a DOLLAR A MONTH. And with the lowest rates available when you use Genie to make your return calls, you'll find the savings really add up.

It’s Private
- You don't need to give people your private numbers. But did you know you're often giving them your private number just by calling them? Your number can be seen and captured by many private and business phone systems - EVEN if you have an UNLISTED number! But when you let Genie return a page for you, all they see is your Genie Number, NOT your private number.

And More!! - The GeniePage service is just one small part of the AllCom suite of Genie Services for everyone from individual consumers to international businesses. From voice mail to faxing to web email and more; the Genie suite of services can help anyone who needs to stay in touch with business associates, family and friends. Start with GeniePage and before you know it, you'll want more - and Genie will be there to deliver.